The Linda MacKenzie Show

Linda Mackenzie is a Doctoral Clinical Hypnotherapist Candidate, author, feature writer, motivational lecturer, psychic, radio host and President of Creative Health & Spirit. This former telecommunications engineering analyst has held managerial positions in sales and marketing; owned one of the first used PC stores in America; owned a data communications consulting company that serviced government and Fortune 1000 companies and owned a dietary supplement manufacturing and distribution company.

She is the author of Inner Insights-The Book of Charts (Creative Health & Spirit), recipient of a 1998 COVR award for Best Metaphysical Book; and How to Self-Publish and Market Your Personal Growth Book and Help yourself heal with self-hypnosis (Sterling Publishing).

She has written columns and articles for Los Angeles Health & Fitness Magazine; Natural Pharmacy Magazine; Concepts Magazine; Coast News; and the Natural Medicine Quarterly. Her self-empowerment audio tapes include an 12 tape series Help Yourself Heal! (VisionQuest Audio & Video); a 4 tape series The Total Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss Program (Creative Health & Spirit) recipient of a 1999 COVR award for Best Spoken Word Audio and Help Yourself Heal - Menopause (Creative Health & Spirit).

Linda's 1-hour Creative Health & Spirit Radio Show broadcasts on CHSR five days a week and she formerly hosted nationally broadcasted programs on PAX Radio Network, Wisdom Radio Network,Cable Radio Network, KPSL, Carter Broadcasting, and other internet radio stations. She is a frequent guest on radio (KFWB, KTLA, KGMD, KCMJ, KABC, WIIS) and television (ABC, CBS, KTLA, NBC, The Roseanne Show, E! Discovery, & Extra!)

Linda's upbeat approach to life and health has helped millions of people reach their goals through her work. She has received a Certificate of Appreciation for Furthering the Progress of the Profession from The International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists and is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy. As a motivational speaker Linda has received national recognition and awards for her work on self-healing and self-empowerment at pharmaceutical conferences, organizations, corporations, colleges, hospitals and health expos.

Her goal is to provide people informed insight into life's challenges. She helps motivate people to take responsibility for themselves and gives them tools to manifest balance of their mind, body and spirit to actualize happier and healthier lives.


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