Challenging, In-depth Interviews with Best-Selling Authors and Celebrities in the News Today.

"I love the creative process in all of it's varied forms. I've always been drawn to people involved in the world of art and entertainment and to the
real-life events and people that make up our everyday world. How did they get started, what motivates them, what are their desires and goals?" Tara delves into the psyche and the minds of the personalities that help shape
our realities.

Profiles the show was originally created by Tara while she was working with Oregon Public Broadcasting. It is Tara's intent to contribute to the global community in a positive and meaningful way while providing a learning experience for her audience and herself. Since relocating to
Seattle, Tara's show Profiles is now being broadcast on Evergreen Radio which is affiliated with the Seattle Public Libraries. The interviews are presented in an intelligent forum and are designed to be informative as well as entertaining. Tara goes beyond chat and focuses on the core
interest of her guest, allowing them to speak freely on the matters that concern them.

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Guest: Deepak Chopra
Author of The Deeper Wound - Recovering The Soul From Fear And Suffering September 11, 2001, defined tragedy for a generation. Meeting thousands of people who begged for meaning and solace in the face of suffering, Deepak in response has written The Deeper Wound, offering a
way of healing as a memorial to the thousands of victims who perished.

Deepak Chopra
Guest: Roberto Kaplan, O.D.
Author of "Conscious Seeing - Transforming Your Life Through Your Eyes" If the eyes are indeed the "windows to the soul," then there might be a deeper significance to the emergence of an eye problem like nearsightedness than one might think. With Dr. Kaplan's insightful, practical, and holistic approach to eye care, he shares with Tara tools to re-program your consciousness and gain skills for modifying
your perception.

Roberto Kaplan, O.D.
Guest: Cheryl Richardson
Author of "Stand Up For Your Life"
Play by new rules and start leading your life! Richardson, team leader for
the Lifestyle Makeover Series on Oprah, and certified Master Coach, prescribes an empowering program for expressing your true potential. Listen in as Cheryl talks to Tara about how to develop the courage,
confidence, and character to fulfill your greatest potential.
Cheryl Richardson
Guest: David Crow
- Medical Herbalist, Acupuncturist & Author of "In Search Of
The Medicine Buddha" David and Tara delve into the subject of miraculous
medicinal plants around the world. What does this mean to humanity as a whole? Why is botanical medicine so crucial for the long term health and care of our planet, our healthcare system and our economy? Learn how you can get involved in creating a grassroots healthcare system in your
community by growing your own living pharmacy.
David Crow