The Judy Goodman Show

Internationally recognized lecturer; Judy has been described by one of today's most published authors as "the psychic's psychic". Some supports have described Judy as "beyond Edgar Cayce." She addresses complex spiritual issues in a down-to-earth manner. Someone in tune with the soul's purpose, providing truths beyond the limits of conventional wisdom. She teaches about the pain of your life, the purpose of your soul's journey.

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Global Thanksgiving
Sunday, Nov. 25, 2001
Join us for our 6th annual Global Thanksgiving prayer. Giving thanks is one of the most important processes for keeping our world on an even keel. Sincere thankfulness has tremendous power to precipitate reality. Join special guest, Judy Goodman, for a 60-minute discussion and prayer.
The Judy Goodman Show
Thursday, Dec 27, 2001
Special guest Leslie Bean. Judy chats with Leslie about 'Animal Communication' and an introduction to 'Access'. The purpose of 'Access' is to set each of us free by giving us access to our truest, highest self. An energy transformation of the highest order!