Living Successfully
Bob Keeton

For this Richmond, Virginia native, an interest in radio started early. A transistor radio and home intercom set launched Bob's career at age 9. Listening audience: one sister.

Today, Bob Keeton has over 35 years of broadcasting experience. His understanding of veteran's issues goes back to doing volunteer work producing closed-circuit radio shows at the McGuire VA Hospital's MVGH-Radio.

Currently "getting over" his education, he did become General Manager of Va. Tech's student station, WUVT and later hosted Saturday night oldies shows years on WLVA in Lynchburg, Va. plus WGOE and then WRVA in Richmond. After Bob resigned from the oldies show to study metaphysical healing, the station changed to a talk format. Later, WRVA welcomed his idea for a talk show called Living Successfully. The program debuted there on Easter Sunday, 1996.

He now hosts and produces Living Successfully which airs weekends on the Wisdom Network - international radio and TV, the new Sirius Satellite Network and on the Earth Channel.

Other than that, Bob has degrees in sociology and psychology, he's run a locked unit at a state hospital for the mentally retarded, trained police officers in drunk driving enforcement, and coordinates teleconferencing for the Virginia Department of Information Technology.

He has a broad range of life experience underpinning his views on soulful, successful living. In all, he has found that holistic approaches, not a singular reliance on science and technology, hold the potential to unleash miracles which now have become critically important.

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Guest: James Twyman

The Peace Troubadour

James Twyman has performed in a number of peace-challenged locales over the last few years with the goal of bringing a calming effect to those areas. His successes are extraordinary. James also speaks of the psychic children now showing up around the world, their gifts, and his view of peace as a way of life.

James Twyman
Guest: Christian Case

Gift of Sight

Christian Case has a gift of seeing across the veil and bringing back information instantly to those seeking assistance. His answers seem to be not only accurate, but healing as he works with groups and individuals.

Christian Case
Guest: Simon Hein, PhD

Dr. Hein, a specialist in research methodology, discusses the nature of remote viewing and the effects crop circles have on people and energy, regardless who makes them.

Nancy Detweiler closes with SoulTalk; a positive path for those who have lost their mothers.

Dr. Simon Hein
Guest: Lisette Larkins

Talking to ETs

A typical housewife in the midst of dealing with abuse and a bad marriage ultimately checked into a pyschiatric hospital because of things she was seeing and feeling. With the confirmation of her psychiatrist, Lisette Larkins discovered that she was the recipiant of some profound wisdom and even friendship from a most unlikely source; beings whose planet was destyoyed many years ago.

Lisette Larkins
Guest: Will Thomas

This guest is an independant journalist who reported for teh Environmental News Service while serving as a member of a 3-man Gulf Environmental Emergency Response Team during the Gulf War. WIll Thomas is an award-winning writer and photographer who specializes in military affairs and the environment. He provides interesting information on the 9/11 attack and the chemtrail phenomenon.

Will Thomas
Guest: Thom Hartman

Unequal Protection

Today, multi-national corporations influence governments and the world for profit - not with humanity or the planet in mind. Thom Hartman offers great incite into how this situation got started and solutions for remedying the problem.

Thom Hartman
Eden Foods President/CEO has a philosophy about food. He knows what we eat is directly related to the diseases we're seeing and that a good diet holds great promise for good health.
Michael Potter
Author of "Blindsided! Planet X Passes In 2003, EarthChanges", Mark shares compelling evidence of a mysterious planet-like body approaching our solar system within the 18-months.
Mark Hazelwood

Medical intuitive, Patti Conklin, discusses a variety of medical conditions with live audience.
Music by Burnt Taters.
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Best-selling author, Gregg Braden, discusses the convergence of science and spirituality. With Soul Talk commentary from Nancy Detweiller.
Gregg Braden (Part I)
Guest: Julie Olson
Award-winning artist and clergy member, Julie Olson, discusses Dreams; Their Origins and Purpose. With Soul Talk commentary from Nancy Detweiller.
Julie Olson (Part I)

John Anthony West, born in New York City, is a writer, cholar and Pythagorean. He is the author of The Traveler's Key to Ancient Egypt, and consulting editor for the Traveler's Key series.
John Anthony West (Part I)